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Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED)
- 09/10/2017 : Libya – October 2017 Update
- 07/02/2017 : Political Developments in Libya

La Voie de l'Epée
- 12/09/2017 Tempête rouge-Enseignements opérationnels de deux ans d’engagement russe en Syrie by Michel Goya

- 01/09/2017 Rusia en Libia: ¿guerra o paz? by Mattia Toaldo

Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor
- 31/08/2017 Cluster Munition Monitor 2017
- 02/08/2017 Libya - Cluster Munition Ban Policy (2017)
- 03/08/2016 Libya - Cluster Munition Ban Policy (2016)

The War Zone
- 03/08/2017 Blackwater Founder Wants to Provide a "Turn Key" Mercenary Air Force for Afghanistan by Joseph Trevithick

European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
- 02/08/2017 Russia in Libya: War or Peace? by Mattia Toaldo
- 02/08/2017 La Russie en Libye : guerre ou paix? by Mattia Toaldo

Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI)
- 25/07/2017 Foreign Actors in the Libya’s Crisis by Karim Mezran and Arturo Varvelli

The National Interest
- 10/07/2017 Duel of the Light Attack Planes: Tucano vs. Texan vs. Scorpion by Sebastien Roblin

Groupe de Recherche et d’Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité (GRIP)
- 28/06/2017 Rapport de forces au Conseil de coopération du Golfe : les enjeux d’une sortie de crise by Léo Géhin

The Red (Team) Analysis Society
- 19/06/2017 Evaluating Likelihoods for the Future of Libya – Scenarios of Victories by Jon Mitchell
- 18/04/2017 Evaluating Likelihoods for Libya – Scenario 2 Partition by Jon Mitchell
- 27/03/2017 Evaluating Likelihoods for Libya – Scenario 2 Intervention by Jon Mitchell

United Nation Security Council
- 09/06/2017 Final report of the Panel of Experts report for Libya - 1 June 2017

Corvinus - University of Budapest
- 01/06/2017 Evolution in military affairs in the battlespace of Syria and Iraq by Péter Marton

- 29/05/2017 En Libye, trois régions sous le feu by Celian Macé

CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies)
- 23/05/2017 Beyond the Wire - 23 MAY 17 by H. Andrew Schwartz

Terrorism Research Initiative
- 02/04/2017 Perspectives on Terrorism - Volume XI, Issue 2 April 2017
- 01/02/2017 Perspectives on Terrorism - Volume XI, Issue 1 February 2017

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
- 17/03/2017 The Human Conveyor Belt : trends in human trafficking and smuggling in post-revolution Libya by Mark Micallef

- 15/03/2017 Strategic Spillover: The Emirates in Africa by Paul Pryce

The Daily Beast
- 13/02/2017 ‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces by David Axe

Oakland Institute
- 06/02/2017 The Return of Erik Prince: Trump’s Knight in America’s New Crusade

Air Force Monthly
- 10/02/2017 ‘New’ MiG-23BN for Libyan National Army

Maghreb Confidentiel- 19/01/2017 Lettre n°1232 - Les Ghilan, aviateurs préférés de Khalifa Haftar

Defense One
- 17/01/2017 The D Brief by Ben Watson, Bradley Peniston

- 31/12/2016 A transparency audit of the Coalition air war against so-called Islamic State

Foreign Policy
- 14/12/2016 Situation Report by Paul McLeary, Adam Rawnsley

Combat Aircraft Monthly
- 04/11/2016 Libya’s rebel air force at war

UK Ministry of Defence
- 11/10/2016 Number of enemies killed in action (EKIA) by RAF aircraft and allegations of civilian casualties from RAF strikes in Iraq since August 2014 and Syria since December 2015

- 06/07/2016 An Open Source Analysis of the Fallujah “Convoy Massacre”(s) by Christiaan Triebert

Zone Militaire
- 18/05/2016 Le gouvernement libyen d’union réclame des avions pour combattre l’État islamique 
- 13/02/2016 Les forces loyalistes libyennes ont perdu leur dernier avion MiG-23UB

Centre de Doctrine et d'Enseignement du Commandement
- 05/10/2015 Les cahiers du RETEX : 50 ans d'OPEX en Afrique

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