Iraqi Air Power Reborn

Iraqi Air Power Reborn: The Iraqi Air Arms Since 2004

In 2003, the Iraqi Air Force has been almost entirely decimated by coalition air strikes and during the insurgency that followed. Baghdad had to rebuild its air power from scratch. This book summarizes the history of the Iraqi Air Force and Iraqi Army Aviation until 2003 before detailing the acquiring of new training, reconaissance, attack and fighter aircrafts and helicopters squadrons. The last part details the combats of the new Iraqi Air Force and Iraqi Army Aviation against local and foreign insurgents, including the so-called Islamic State. A map of all current Iraqi air bases complements the comprehensive photographic coverage and a detailed order of battle is included, together with squadron patches and artworks (drawn by Tom Cooper). A full list is provided of aircraft serial numbers and attrition to all causes since 2004.

Date Published : April 2016
Publisher : Harpia Publishing
ISBN : 9780985455477
Pages : 80


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  1. Bonjour,

    Vous qui êtes un spécialiste de la force aérienne irakienne, peut-être pourriez-vous m'éclairer. Savez-vous combien de Su-25K et UBK ont été livrés à l'Irak à partir de 1987?

    Merci :)

    1. Bonjour,

      La force aérienne irakienne a reçu 54 Su-25K (+ qq UBK) jusqu'à fin 1987. 21 Su-25 au total depuis Juin 2014 : détails ici